Family Protection Trust

Evidence suggests that anything between 40,000 and 70,000 homes are sold each year to cover the owner’s care fees. Parents are seeing nest eggs which they had built up as intended inheritances for their children decimated extremely quickly once in care. With advance planning, this need not be the case. There are ways to protect the family home for the next generation, and the information below highlights the opportunity for planning.

Many elderly people are desperately looking for a way of protecting their estate to pass it on to the their children and avoid it being wiped out by care home fees. Giving the home away to the children is sometimes seen as the solution, although this is not recommended. There is a wide misconception that if you give your home away at least 6 months before going into care, the local authority can’t touch it. This should not be relied on.

“Deliberate deprivation” is a relevant concept and makes things more difficult. Cash strapped local authorities are cracking down on people who they think are trying to avoid paying care fees and are becoming increasingly sceptical about people who say gifts were given through natural love and affection for their children. Wills & Probate Lancashire can tell you everything you need to know about protecting your home and covering your care fee’s, as well as providing an uncomplicated approach to sheltering the family home through a recognised planning technique.