Why do I need a Will?

It’s really quite simple, if you die intestate – without a Will – what is already a stressful and upsetting time for your loved ones will be made worse by having your assets distributed according to the law rather than your wishes. Thinking about making a Will is something that the majority of us would rather put off – a job for the future, for old age, for any other time than now.

Who needs a Will?

Many people, particularly young adults, think they have no need for a will. Imagine a young lady, unmarried but living with her partner in a home they bought together. Two months before the wedding, she is critically injured in a car accident and later dies. Who do the doctors update? Who decides about the type of care she should receive? And what happens to the house she bought with her partner? These are all reasons why every adult, no matter their age or family status, needs basic estate-planning documents that dictate their wishes if they die or become incapacitated.

Members of the Military service should strongly consider devising a Will. Because of the risk involved in their jobs, it is imperative they have peace of mind and that their wishes are followed in the event of their death.

In fact, almost 65 per cent of people in Britain do not yet have a Will – taking away the control they have over what happens to their money and belongings when they die.

Making assumptions that your money and belongings will automatically go to your partner, children or parents should be avoided as there are many conditions in probate law that mean your estate is at risk if you die intestate.

The Solution?

By taking the time to make a Will now you can ensure that your loved ones receive exactly what you want them to instead of the law deciding who gets what.

Wills & Probate Lancashire offer a friendly and flexible Will writing service. The team visit you in your home or wherever you are more comfortable, at a time that suits your life.

Your consultant will provide advice and guidance about the best ways to plan your estate and take detailed instructions with which to make your Will.

Once this process has taken place, your Will is drafted by professional and knowledgeable Will writers to ensure your wishes are followed in the event of your death.